Current Families

Is your student currently enrolled in our before and after school program?

We are currently onboarding students for the 2023 - 2024 School Year.

If you need to register your student, please download the following documents & submit them to

***Please do not fill out the forms unless told to by the Director.***If you prefer a printed version, please do let us know

STEP 1: Fill out the Program Agreement that fits your needs.

LEDP - AM-PM Agreement 2023-2024.pdf
LEDP - AM Agreement 2023-2024.pdf
LEDP - PM Agreement 2023-2024.pdf

STEP 2: Initial the Tuition Costs and Due Date Schedule

Tuition Costs and Due Dates 2023-2024.pdf

STEP 3: Fill out the Application Form, Registration Form, & Enrollment Questionnaire

Application Form.pdf
Registration Form.pdf
Enrollment Questionnaire.doc

STEP 4: Sign the Homework Option Form & IEP-504 Form

Homework Option Form.doc.pdf
IEP-504 Release Form.docx.pdf

STEP 5: Fill out the Child Health Report & Mediciation Log (If Needed)

Child Health Report Form.pdf
Medication Log.pdf

STEP 6: Sign the Social Media Waiver

Social Media Waiver.doc.pdf

STEP 7: Email Your Completed forms to